Mask Motel

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Keep your mask neat, secure, and free of debris with a Mask Motel. Mask Motels hold your mask whenever you're not wearing it in a double pocket design that closes to about the size of an iPhone. Choose from an array of bold colors, featuring a matte finish and subtle grid texture that make them a pleasure to use. Patent pending.

Looks Sharp, Stays Neat

Mask Motels are made to keep your mask neat and handy when you’re not wearing it. Because into every life some rain must fall, both the exterior and interior is waterproof, and the interior lining is treated with antimicrobial technology to inhibit bacterial growth. We’ve even included a free disposable mask packed inside every Mask Motel, so you’ll know exactly how to use it.


Mask Motels keep your face mask securely inside double interior pockets, holding the top and bottom of your mask while keeping it easy to access at any time. Tucked in and snapped shut, your face mask will never fall out.


Mask Motels fit almost any type of face mask. If you can fold it, it will probably fit in a Mask Motel.

Mask Motels are designed to go with you anywhere. They fold up to about the size of your phone, easy to throw in a pocket or small bag. Clip a carabiner to the nylon loop and attach one to your backpack, gym bag, or rearview mirror. The attached keyring helps you keep all your important items in one place.

Washable & Reusable

Mask Motels are washable by hand or washing machine, and you can dry them by hand or in the dryer on medium heat. Disinfecting wipes are ok to use, too. Do not iron. 

Made in USA

Mask Motels were created in Brooklyn, NY, and are produced by a small factory in Manhattan’s Garment District. Materials are sourced from family-owned manufacturers and wholesalers across the US. Our labels and branding were designed and printed locally, too.

Customer Reviews

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Great product!

I really liked this item - I love how it gives me a place to sanitarily stow my mask, instead of it laying on some dirty table/shoved in my bag/crammed in my car’s center console. I especially love that it’s made in the USA. Thanks!

great for school

terrific product to clip on a backpack, easily stow mask during lunch
nice selection of colors

The best product I didn’t know I needed

I’m so glad I heard Dan talk about the Mask Motel on Michelle Collins’ podcast, because it’s truly such a life saver. Not only does it save me from awkwardly not knowing where to put my mask once I arrive somewhere, but sometimes my lightweight masks would fall out of my purse if I just tossed them in by themselves, so the Mask Motel guarantees I always have a mask on me!

LOVE it! Cute + convenient

I seriously love this thing.  No more forgetting, misplacing or potentially contaminating my mask!!  I'm also pleasantly surprised at how well the "Mask Motel" is constructed.  I have a gift for rushing around & breaking/ ripping things, but even for me this appears to be indestructible.  Great job!


I love my mask motel. My mask is no longer a wadded up afterthought. It's always neatly folded up, and I never forget it because it's on my keychain.