About us

The idea for the Mask Motel began the first time I tried the "new" outdoor dining in the summer of 2020. Once we were served, what were we supposed to do with our face masks? People around me were dangling them from one ear, hanging them from a chair (where they quickly blew away), or crumpled on the table (ditto). Sticking them in your pocket seemed gross, too. Newly without a job, I had plenty of time on my hands to try and solve this problem. Out came the graph paper and pencils.

With the help of friends, designers, seamstresses and other people with more experience in construction, I improved and simplified the design until it became the useful and good-looking product you can order now from this site.

Mask Motels were created in Brooklyn, NY, and are produced by a small factory in NYC’s Garment District. Materials are sourced from family-owned manufacturers and wholesalers across the US. Our labels and branding were designed and printed locally. Special thanks to Pauline and Jim (below), who helped me so much in the production of Mask Motels.

Thanks to you for visiting, and I hope that you find that Mask Motels make a bad situation a little better and more humane.

 - Dan